Books For Boys Who Are ‘Different’

Books are a great way to prepare our children for the ‘big bad world’. By means of beautiful stories that kids can identify with, they can gain other insights that make their problems a bit less serious. Therefore, here is a list of books for boys who feel ‘different’ from the rest.

Fortunately, we are letting go of the stereotypical man. But it can still be quite difficult for boys not to fit into the standard picture. Fortunately, there are the writers who do their part to make these guys feel better about themselves.

1. Donnie

Donnie is a boy with two mothers. He loves gaming and playing around with his little pig Bennie. But he also likes dresses and thinks it’s stupid that only girls are allowed to wear them. Until he suddenly discovers another world in the closet where he meets Henk. A large bearded and dress-wearing creature who doesn’t think this is crazy at all.

2. Julian is a mermaid
When Julian sees three mermaids pass by one day, he has only one wish; be a mermaid too. But how is he supposed to tell his grandmother?

3. The lamb that is a pig
This lamb does not feel at home with all the other lambs in the pasture. He would much rather roll in the mud with the pigs. This book is mainly for the younger boys who feel different from the rest.

4. I am me and you are you
This book is about differences and similarities and that it is completely okay if you are not quite the same; “I am big and you are small. Short is nice and long is nice. ”