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Saving energy at home with kids- that’s how you do itWe are confronted with the facts: what a lot of energy we actually use in one day! High time to change that. There are plenty of little things you can apply right away. But now that you have plenty of time, you could also take a look at larger projects that you enjoy more in the long term.

Small Everyday Things
Take a critical tour of your house. Take your children on your quest and tell them along the way why it is important what you do. But above all: let them help! How many devices that you are not currently using are still plugged into the socket? Chances are that they cannot be counted on one hand. You may never think about it, but all those devices – even when they are not working – consume energy.

Now that you’re on the road, pay attention to the temperature. The heating in the bathroom does not have to be on all day and a lot of laundry in the dryer can also be used on a drying rack. Or finally look for where that trip – which has bothered you for months – comes from.

Larger Projects
There are many ways to make your home more sustainable. The most important, and probably the first thing that comes to mind, is isolation. You can heat your house with the latest gadgets, but that effort is fairly pointless if all the heat leaves the room through the windows or cracks. Then you keep firing. It is possible to insulate your roof, your floor, your facade, your pipes and your windows.

In the case of the windows, you would do well to purchase high-efficiency glass (HR). There are three different types. You have HR + glass, which consists of two glass plates with stagnant air in between. There is also HR ++ glass, which consists of two glass plates with noble gas in between. And finally there is HR +++ glass. It consists of not two, but three glass plates and thus two ‘air chambers’ with noble gas in between.

You could also take a look at the roof and the way your house is heated. Solar panels and an efficient boiler or heat pump can save you a lot of energy. This not only reduces your energy bill, but also reduces your CO2 emissions!

Isn’t That Very Expensive?
You can buy draft strips for a few euros at the local hardware store and sticking foil on the window is not such a chore either. But with the larger projects such as insulating your floor or purchasing solar panels, a lot more is involved. Not only more work, but also more money. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth considering, because in the long term you will benefit a lot from a sustainable home.